Red Barn Meats
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About Red Barn Meats LLC

Red Barn Meats started as an FFA project during my senior year of high school in the fall of 2010. Fast forward to 2018 and Red Barn Meats is still staying busy as ever and going strong. We even have several new products this year. 

A lot has changed over the years, but a lot remains the same.

I (owner Angela Abney) recently got married in October of 2017 and moved to Northeast Iowa for work with my husband Levi. My roots are in Bargersville, IN and that will always be home. Dad (Doug) runs all the day to day business and manages EVERYTHING for Red Barn Meats. If it wasn't for Dad, we would be lost. So if you see him at the markets, tell him thank you for all of the hard work and time he puts into Red Barn Meats. It truly is a family business.

Red Barn Meats sells 100% natural, antibiotic-free, and steroid-free meat. We sell beef, pork, and lamb The beef cattle are born and raised on our family's farm. We raise registered Belted Galloway cattle. Belties are known for having very tender and flavorful meat. They're also known for their lean beef, which has little fat. Red Barn Meats offers both grass fed beef and grain fed beef. The pigs and lambs are all grain fed. The grain fed animals were fed a mixture of grass/hay and grain. They were supplemented with grain twice a day. The grass fed beef is 100% grass fed, the cattle only received grass/hay. We purchase young pigs and lambs from local family farms and raise them on our farm. We make sure these local farmers share our same values and practices while breeding, raising, and taking care of their livestock. 

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